Feature film
Spoke Lane Entertaiment Spoke Lane Entertainment, LLC is a production company dedicated to bringing a unique vision to independently financed projects in the film and publishing worlds.

One of the company’s goals is to develop and produce a slate of low-budget independent films that successfully target niche audiences, with the potential for crossover success. They are also using that mindset to create branded properties.

Spoke Lane’s feature film White Space is currently in post-production. Their first graphic novel, Harbor Moon, debuted at Comic-con in July 2010 to rave reviews. Its extensive network of artists throughout the world has given it a solid advantage in producing high quality graphic novels at profitable budgets. Most independent books produced today either lack the production experience or the general overall vision to bring the project where it needs to be for its specific marketplace. Creators are either resistant to technology or just don’t grasp it enough to take advantage of it.